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As computing power and machine learning tools have become more accessible, the ways of how it can be used within finance are growing exponentially. AI and ML deeply change the functioning of this sector in areas including both products, processes, and analytics, solving specific problems in customer engagement, financial management and compliance.

By adopting and applying AI in finance and insurance, managers can make data-driven management decisions by “asking” algorithms and machine learning models questions that are pertinent to their business.



Invoice analysis

Invoice analysis allows automatically to extract useful information from unstructured invoices. NLP models can instantly extract names, dates, items, budgets, notes and all important information instantly without human control.

Signal Analysis System

Trading signals can be very useful for automated trading. Using AI, it is now possible to filter them and to increase accuracy and profit by automated trading.


NLP Based Contract Analysis System

Using the newest NLP models we were able to solve the problem of a huge number of companies. Lots of companies hire huge offices of people to analyse the contracts they have and receive. With our system, you can get insights from every contract you have in minutes without any human interaction.

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